Asset Management PErformance & REporting


The Board coordinates the club :

  • Define major orientations based on members requirements
  • Validate the agendas
  • Monitoring the works in progress
  • Responsible of the external communication

Board Composition :

  • Pierre Maugery-Pons (Vice-Président, pôle Services financiers)
  • Aline Flamain (Natixis Asset Management)
  • Franck Ibalot (Covea Finance)
  • Jean-Robert Hervy (OFI Asset Management)
  • Jean-François Darricau (expert indépendant spécialiste de la mesure de performance et de risque)

EFESO consultancy provides operational support

  • Animation of workshops and meetings
  • Secretary

Work organization

  • Plenary sessions once every two months:
    • Open discussions on financial and regulatory news
    • Presentation by a club member of its “Financial Reporting” unit
    • Workshops’ progress monitoring
  • Workshops
    • Specific purpose : to define best practices or measurement standards
    • Grouping several experts
    • 6 to 12 month duration
  • On demand, specific thematic meetings